the studio

The origin of the name Kami-Doro is from Japanese.
In direct translation: Kami translate to paper
and doro to raw and primal material - mud.

The name offer a clue the essence of the studio,
 designing in the influence of the origami art and advanced paper folding techniques.

We drive to develop new materials, technics and technologies to the level of high end products.
Taking the traditional manual folding technics and translating them to industrial manufacturing and design .

The studio has its own line of product of home styling and decor. we manufactureexclusive light fixtures and ceramics.

The studio also offer design services to the clients interested in creating a unique geometric and
origami based products .

Meital komemy

Meital Komemy is a passionate Industrial designer and origami Artist.Graduated industrial design department at HIT.

Meital took her youth passion and hobby to the professional level- managing the studio and devolving unique Origami based products.

Meital also believe in passing your knowledge to the next generation, she teaches "Origami thinking" in gifted children program.